Meet Instructors

Brazilian jiu jitsu instructorDave Matias, co owner/head instructor, is currently a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the teachings of 1st degree black belt Will Martinez Jr. of Martinez BJJ. He has been training under him since he began in 2011. Dave is a family guy who believes family comes first and thats actually how he first became interested in Jiu Jitsu years ago. His 2 sons began training when they were young and after a while and seeing how much his kids enjoyed the sport he decided to start training himself as a way to be more involved with his kids and the sport itself. His love and passion for Jiu Jitsu only grew from there.

He quickly realized how much more then just a sport it was. The lifestyle, the friendships and the bond with his kids and teammates was something he knew he wanted to be a part of forever. He has been teaching kids classes for the last 4 years at Martinez BJJ and has always dreamed of opening his own school and being able to do what he loves more often. He loves getting others involved and especially enjoys training the kids and building not only their skills but confidence in themselves as well.



Tim Rocco, co-owner/head instructor, is currently a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under 1st degree black belt Will Martinez Jr. of Martinez BJJ. Tim first started training in boxing, MMA and BJJ in 2005. Tim started looking into training as a way of anxiety and stress relief. He suffered for years with anxiety disorder and panic attacks and did not want to turn to medication for help. He was advised to find a hobby he enjoyed. Something he could do to escape after a long stressful work day. What better way to relieve stress then a good training session? Originally his training started out with a more non-traditional form of BJJ. He trained exclusively in nogi for several years and slowly started adding in gi training to expand his knowledge of the sport. He quickly realized how important it is to train in both traditional (gi) and non-traditional (nogi) BJJ.

He began training under Will Martinez in 2014 and has remained with him since. Tim also loves to travel and compete in various grappling competitions and has won several 1st and 2nd place medals and belts in the expert division over the years. He believes training in BJJ not only helps you in the physical aspects of life but in every aspect.

Physical, mental, emotional. The family bonds and relationships he has acquired through the years through this training far outweighs just the knowledge of the fighting skills

itself. BJJ is truly more than just a martial art…its a way of life. As much as he loves teaching and training with the his peers, as a family man and a father of 5 himself, he loves teaching children and opening their eyes to the world of fitness and BJJ and all that it has to offer.